Jade Huynh

Practicing Origami professionally was not something that was anticipated for my future. I originally had went to Culinary School, and cooked as a pastry chef for seven years. There is a great passion for being able to create delicate items during intense work conditions, and I thought that was what I would do forever. I then decided to continue a hobby I had always practiced as a child, Origami. The last two years of my pastry career was when I realized I had a greater love for the art of paper folding. 



During winter of 2019, I have decided to start my second entity of organizing an art collective called Prism in Minneapolis. Structure similar to a nonprofit, Prism’s objective is to help support the art culture in building a stronger community. This collective seeks sponsorship through local busisness so artists able to have costly booth fees covered in order to showcase at grand venues. Our spring show is called Embolden, and will be hosted at Keg & Case in May 2019. For more information please click below.